Look around.

My creative and technological skills have ultimately culminated in UX / UI Design.

Animator, Designer, Writer, Coder when I need to be, sometimes camera operator…

I am unique in that I do understand coding challenges, and more, I understand the beauty and skill of design work through animation.

  • Absolute MASTER of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Audition
  • Trained in animation by Pixar and Dreamworks animators
  • Very good with Maya 3D, Blender, familiar with Sketch
  • Worked with a Fortune 50 company to produce stunning motion graphics
  • Understand coding challenges because I sometimes code

I am intelligent, loyal, hard-working, focused, a very skilled problem-solver, able to make insightful suggestions, but at the same time more than willing to fall in line once a decision has been made.

Put all this together, and you get one unique and versatile package, ready to serve your needs.