Infographics suit me well, as they are a combination of images and words.

There are at least three varieties of infographic (in my analysis):

  1. Progression Infographic, beginning to end (e.g., timeline, process)
  2. Image-based Infographic, where an image (usually one) is absolutely the central focus from which all facts emanate
  3. Charts-based Infographic, where the numbers may be accompanied by graphics but the numbers and charts remain the focus
  4. Compare / Contrast Infographic, one thing against another.

The analysis from Eugene Woo is different from mine but also helpful.

You can see from my work that I am more drawn to anything but Number 3, so I look forward to supplementing with #3 examples as well.

In the meantime, this is something I can do for you, so drop me a line and let’s talk!

(It just occurs to me that a word origin of “drop me a line” with the history of phones would make a very interesting infographic).




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