Artistic Drawing (Stills)

Above is my reproduction of one of our favorite images in our home by Henri Matisse. We’ve looked at it many times at the Art Institute in Chicago. I had been using a painting program (Art Rage) for pieces such as this, but I knew that many people also use Photoshop to produce painting-like work. So I wanted to give PS a shot, since to that point I had used Photoshop in just about every other way besides as a painting program. So, here it is, and I’m pretty happy with it. Drag it into Google Images using Google Chrome and the REAL painting comes up, so I know I got it decently close.



I wish I could claim this as having actually worked for Coca-Cola (probably my favorite beverage), but alas, no. It’s just an exercise; nonetheless, it’s got about a million layers and it’s a work that I’m proud of. The background, incidentally, is in Shenzhen, China, where my family and I lived for four years.


03-stepstopeaceallThis is work for an app that is still in progress: “Steps to Peace with God.” Recommended and very short reading.


05-nounprojectcompleteThe goal of “The Noun Project” is to upload and share images that are the very essence of what the thing is. At this time, it could be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels! I needed a battery, generator, and an iris for various projects, which did not exist on The Noun Project, so I had to make them. Also work that I enjoy when I get a chance to do it.


07-2016-08-29-pickawinnerCurrently the banner on our Joyful Machines Facebook page. I think we can probably do better, but I like a lot about where it is now.


08-fire0150-revisedI candidated to be a part of a newsroom crew, serving in Visual effects and media. We had had two years of fires in a row in Colorado Springs, and this is one of the things they asked me to make. The newscaster is supposed to stand in front of it and give the report, while any necessary text would go up in the center.